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My rescue mission and how to help.

Signs a dog is from a puppy mill 0

Signs a dog is from puppy mill

Sometimes we can’t tell the “Signs a dog is from a puppy mill” , but first lets learn what is a puppy mill and where puppy mills usually sell their dogs. Puppy Mills are a large...

Reporting Animal Cruelty 0

Reporting animal cruelty

     Report Animal Cruelty Cold and hungry, I live on a chain surrounded by glass and garbage. I’ve been abused and neglected by my owner, when they found me I was frail, scared, and covered...

Dogs And Their Honeymoon Period 0

Dogs And Their Honeymoon Period

In relationships there is a honeymoon period, it’s all good and great until the walls come crumbling down, this is the same thing that happens when adopting a dog from a shelter or a dog...

Abused Dog Behavior 0

Abused Dog Behavior

Knowing if your dog was previously abused can help you correct behavioral problems. A dog that has been previously abused can be rehabilitated, but don’t expect a small miracle, it takes time and a...

Why To Foster A Dog 0

Why To Foster A Dog

There are many reasons why to foster a dog in your home. My aunt was one to foster and rehabilitate abused dogs, and did it for may years because she fell in love with...

Rescued Me "Poem" 0

Rescued Me “Poem”

Rescued Me “Poem” It seems like forever ago I got here, I dream of my old owners and why they left me. Wondering what I did to get in here, what did I do...